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Roomily safely and conveniently connects you with others from your community.


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added financial security.



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Everything you need to find and keep a great match. We’re here to help.



More affordable rental housing is vital for individuals and for the whole community to thrive. 

We work with cities, schools, non profits, religious/academic institutions, and other organizations addressing local housing needs.

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Meet Oakland homeowner, Vicki M.

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“We help each other out. The teachers save money and have shorter commutes. I keep their rents below market rate and, still, they pay half my mortgage. “They are great people, and I feel so lucky to have them. It's one way I can, and do, help.”

Vicki rents to teachers who otherwise would not be able to live and work in Oakland.


In California, we need 4 million housing units to meet current demand. Developers can’t come close. People are being squeezed out. Communities are hurting.

With millions of spare rooms available right now, Roomily is tapping into this ready supply of affordable rentals.






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We work with local organizations to support educators, nonprofit and municipal employees, and other vital community professionals who support us.

Being a housemate offers many social and financial benefits. For you. For everyone. Be Roomily.