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We aren't housing developers, technologists, or even fans of the roommate situational comedy genre.

(Well, maybe a little.) We are passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to the vitality and viability of our communities and we believe that people want to help each other. 

We're working on one significant way people can make a big difference and show up for each other: by becoming housemates. 

Here’s the real story. On the one hand, there’s a huge housing crisis. Let’s be straight about it -- the housing crisis is everyone’s problem. It not only impacts people who can’t find homes, it also impacts, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and communities. That's you, me and us. People are being priced out of their homes, school districts, companies and non profits can't hire, and people are leaving in droves. 

On the other hand, there’s the high cost of living. Many people who have homes today (renters and owners) are also having a hard time making ends meet and could use extra income. A lot of these folks could also use help around a house that may even be "too big" for them. Families are busy, single parents need an extra pair of hands, boomers might be struggling with upkeep, and seniors can feel more secure and less isolated when someone is home with them.  

Enter Roomily. 

Roomily brings together home providers and housemates who can receive a rent reduction by providing household services, such as  driving, gardening or pet care. Home providers earn extra income and renters save money. Plus, a whole lot of other good stuff happens. It's a age-old way of thinking and we're out to reimagine home.

By creating a convenient and safe way for finding and keeping a compatible housemate, we’re on a mission to reframe the housing discussion. By bringing otherwise untapped resources —spare rooms— to market and working hand-in-hand with local partners, we’re keeping communities strong, one home at a time.

We hope you join us! 

Siggy Rubinson & Jill Lindenbaum, Co-Founders