We're on a mission to provide more affordable housing for all.



How? Let's rethink home.

We help you find a renter. You help your renter by providing a new, affordable housing option. In turn, your renter helps put extra money in your pocket and so much more!




We reach out to teachers, health workers, and others in our community who can no longer afford good quality, local housing.




You rent out your spare room and earn extra income, while creating a connection to others, and providing needed housing.




We work with local schools, cities, universities, and nonprofits by helping their employees find affordable housing.


We are Roomily


Founded in 2018, Roomily is a social impact start-up working with non-profits, school districts, religious and academic institutions, foundations, and city housing agencies to connect the local community to more affordable rentals.

Roomily is a proud participant of the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University - Bay Area Boost. Ask us about the program, and how we’re working for social good.

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